Thursday, 28 June 2007


When I moved to Honkers a group of gals got together and formed a bookclub. We have been meeting once a month now for almost 2 years!! Each month someone nominates a book which we all read and then discuss over dinner - I would say over a glass of wine (and it would be correct for some of us) however as the majority of the gals are now 'with child', we tend to drink more lime soda and tea than vino these days. How times are a changin'
Anyhow, this months book was 'Gweilo: A memoir of a Hong Kong childhood' by Martin Booth. We usually try to pick a restaurant that reflects the theme of the book, and so this month we were lucky enough to be able to call on friends in high places (thanks Rams and Michelle) and sneak into The China Club (Dad, you will be jealous)!!

The China Club is an amazing club located in the old Bank of China building in Central. David Tang, the creator of Shanghai Tang, has decked the place out in his fine furnishings and added a touch of style and sophistication to make it one of the most beautiful dining rooms I have ever had the pleasure of entering. As you can tell I always love going there (although because it is members only, I dont often get the chance)!!

Now you can understand why, despite the flu, I just couldn't miss bookclub - oh, not to mention the fabulous company of the gals - Jo, Bree, Danielle, Michelle, Hanna, Alex and Hollie. And I musn't forget this months honorary member Helen, who was unable to attend with good reason - she was due to give birth to her little bub on Monday (Good luck Helen)!!
... did I mention, the book was a great read enjoyed by all.

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Karen said...

gorgeous! So sad to have missed it.