Friday, 30 April 2010

CNY Dinner at the Holden's

I thought it was about time I posted pics from our Chinese New Year dinner.

It was a HUGE effort to prepare 8 courses for 10 people (yeap, you read right!), but it was oh so worth it. We had a fabulous night!

I love HK around this time of the year, it's kind of like Christmas back home. Everyone is racing around frantically trying to get all their preparations done, the streets are overflowing with decorations, and people are generally in a festive mood. The whole town glows red.

Preparing the dinner got us right into the spirit as I frantically raced around sourcing ingredients, decorations, making menu's and invitations, putting together lai see packets for the guests, investigating Chinese zodiac signs, and generally making the most of the occasion.

Here are a few pics from the night that I thought you might enjoy.
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Sunday, 25 April 2010

My new lamp

I was soooo excited to pick this beauty up from my lovely lamp man the other day. I am totally in love with it!

I don't think I have mentioned my lamp man before?

A few months ago when I purchased this chair, which was originally intended for our bedroom (it hasn't made its way in there yet), I decided we needed 2 new matching bedside lamps. Previously we had 2 bedside lamps that didn't match (and were old and crappy) and I was desperate to get rid of them.

Well, the lovely lady at the interior shop I purchased the chair at helped me to source some matching fabric for the lamp shades, and then ever so helpfully gave me the details of a guy that hand makes lamp shades here in Hong Kong. It's a dying art you know? I was so delighted to get his details, and even more delighted when I fronted up at his store to discover a treasure trove of lamp bases and carefully crafted shades. Added bonus, his English was pretty good too!

Well 6 shades later... I think I may have over done it just a bit...

The lamp above happened by accident cause I spotted the base in his shop and immediately fell in LOVE with it. At Christmas during our trip home I had purchased this cushion from Signatures (my all time fav shop) in Noosa, and loved the fabric so much that I decided I would track done it's origins (thanks again to the lovely lady at the interiors shop) and have the shade made in the same fabric. The guy at the lamp shop was a bit concerned about my fabric choice, which made me all the more nervous that he didn't completely understand what it was I wanted him to do with it, but much to my delight - when I collected the lamp a few weeks ago, it was absolutely perfect! The craftsmanship is beautiful, with gorgeous silk hand stitched lining. He did such a good job!

I much prefer the softer lighting of lamps in the house, it makes you feel instantly relaxed and soothed don't you think?
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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Baby shower galore

Two of my bestest friends are having babies next month - my lovely bridesmaid Sophie (who lives back home in Oz) and the lovely Lucy (who lives here in HK with us).

The girls are due 3 days apart - can you believe it! Unfortunately I couldn't make it back for Sophie's shower, but I still managed to play a small part in her day - I made these little party favor bags for the girls to take home. Aren't they cute? Soph sent me a pic of the cutie patootie little bags all laid out on display. Can you tell Soph is expecting a little girl ;-)

As for Lucy's shower, we hosted that at the Holden's ranch (he, he - that sounds so funny given the size of HK apartments) the Saturday before my sisters left (thank god I had them here to help!). Those are the invites I made above - cute hey? Unfortunately I got too busy on the actual day and forgot to take piccies of the dessert table and decorations :( Oh well ! I think everyone had a good time, and most importantly, Lucy got spoilt with loads of nice pressies and an afternoon with the girls.

I can't wait to meet their little bundles soon!
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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Can anyone help?

A while ago I saved this image from over at the lovely Decor8 blog. I pulled it up recently and have fallen in love with the plates! Does anyone know who makes them? I seriously need to get my hands on some!!

Last year hubbie and I were trying to decide on a nice new "grown-up" dinner set. We looked at all sorts of sets but couldn't commit to one. Whilst holidaying in New York we popped into Yves Delorme on Madison Ave and got chatting to the ever so lovely sales assistant. During our conversation we explained our predicament regarding the dinner set (might have been spurred on by one of their gorgeous sets which said hubbie wouldn't let me bring home...). Anyway, he very helpfully suggested an idea that we loved - start with a plain white base and then add in different coloured pieces to suit different occasions. And that my friend, is what we did... (are doing more like it). We haven't as yet started adding pieces. I thought these plates might make a nice first edition. What do you think?

I would love to buy 8 dinner plates, or bread and butter plates (not sure what their official title is???). They would go perfectly with the rest of the set, and would add such a nice drop of colour and style to our next dinner party.

If you know where I can get my hands on some, or who makes them - I would be ever so grateful!
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Monday, 19 April 2010

What's been occupying our time...


Straight after my hearing finished in March, our lovely friends Deanne and Larry came to visit. We had SUCH a good time together, it is really fun showing good friends around our town (which we have come to know pretty well after 5 years). We had an absolute ball together, so much so that D&L reckon they are coming every year, we can only hope they hold true to that threat!
Overlapping with their stay were my 2 sisters who came to spend Easter with the Holdens in Honkers. It was sooooo lovely to spend time with the girls. If you have ever lived away from home (far away), then you will know what it's like when you travel home on the yearly pilgrimage - you have a million people to catch up with, and as a result, never get to spend the quality time you would like, with everyone. Well we had 10 days of togetherness, just the 4 of us (& CoCo) and it was divine.
In some ways I wish they hadn't come, having spent so much time together it made me realise just how much I miss them and I have been a blubbering mess ever since they left. Every time I go somewhere we went together, or do something we did, it reminds me of them and the fact that they are now gone! You really don't appreciate things until they are gone, do you?
Now that everyone is gone, things are pretty quiet around the Holden household. We are going to try and keep it that way, till June at least, when Will's parents come over to celebrate his 30th birthday!. Then we are off to Spain for 2.5 weeks. Oh, that will be fun. What have you been up to lately? Posted by Picasa

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Given my complete slackness in the blog department recently, you can imagine how surprised I was to receive this {very sweet} sunshine award from the lovely Kathy over at SweetSimplicitee.

Truth be known, Kathy is my sister-in-law so perhaps she was just trying to do her very best to prod me out of my blog spell, and motivate me to start posting again. Whatever the reason, I am very grateful!

Pop over to Kathy's blog and marvel at her stunning creations - she is one truly talented gal! She has also started a new Etsy store to sell her lovely fabric creations. Go check it out, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Kathy!!!!!

This award thingy is all very new to me! Apparently I now have to select 12 of my fav blogs to pass this award onto. Problem is, how can I stop at 12... here goes:

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I recommend you make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit back and relax - you might be here for a while! Thanks to the lovely ladies (yes, randomly they are all femme bloggers) above - you bring sunshine to my day, everyday! They are all so talented and inspiring. Sometimes I find it VERY hard to get off the couch and ready for work when I could so easily lose the day reading all your lovely blogs.

To keep the Sunshine Award travelling, all you need to do is:

(1) Send a big Thank you to the person who gave it to you;

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