Saturday, 23 February 2008

Howdy folks

On Tuesday we were treated to a visit from brother Nath and Anna. They stopped in for 3 nights on their way home to Oz, from Canada (where they have been living for the past 11 months).

It was so lovely to catch up with them and hear all about their adventures in Canada. They are now back Sydney where they plan to stay put for a while - however we will see. Despite his age (!!) Nathan has yet to shake the travel bug and I bet before long they will be of on another adventure!

Thanks for the visit bro:)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

I Passed!!!

I thought I should let all of you who shared my pain know that I somehow managed to pass all of the OLQE (law exams) here in Hong Kong.

That means that I will now be a Hong Kong qualified lawyer (admitted in HK) as well as Oz.


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Day 7

Day 7

Today we had to venture back to work after our 5 day break which was extremely hard!! Val and Simon took it easy as they were unfortunately not feeling to well.

No pics today sorry...

Day 8

That was a long week:) Another day off...

Here we come China. Today we ventured to Shenzhen where Val got to do her favourite thing - SHOPPING. And let me tell you, she's quite good at it too:) We haggled and bartered and shopped up a storm - then headed home to rest our tired and weary legs.

Here is a pic of the border between Hong Kong and China

and a couple of the gals (and their little baby) at our favourite handbag shop in LoWu:)
Day 9

Today Will, Val and Simon headed into Hong Kong Park for a stroll around and lunch at the Lok Cha Tea House. They sampled the dim sum made by the Monks at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island as well as a variety of Chinese traditional teas. Look at the pretty tulips:) Wills not a bad photographer hey!!

Today was also Simon and Val's last day:(
We bid farewell to our guests as they hopped on the airport express and sped away back to their lives on the Sunshine Coast. It was very sad to see them off as we had enjoyed their company so much and loved every minute of their trip. We only hope that they will be back to visit us again soon:) Bye Bye
Lots of love
Will & Brooke
PS. Val - we hope you didn't cry all the way to the airport...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Day 6

Today we did what all respectable Hong Kongers do on Sundays and headed out to brunch. Our venue - Totts at the Excelsior.

A before and after shot (we did your best to finish it all)!!! Matthew, Stephen and Timmy we were thinking of you when we ate it - we promise.

And then out for a little dancing - with the King himself...

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Day 4

Today we took a bus ride from Wanchai to Stanley where we shopped in the market and enjoyed lunch and a pale ale at the Pickled Pelican.

Simon was kind enough to have moored his boat out the front (just to show off to everyone)!!!

An amusing sign in the Stanely market!!

We then headed into Central Plaza to watch the Chinese New Year fireworks (all rugged up - it was freezing).

Day 5

Today we took a stroll through the Wanchai market before jumping on a tram and heading into Central to do some shopping.

to be continued...