Tuesday, 24 July 2007

testing testing

I am just trying to test this rather annoying thing. I posted a story and it isn't appearing when you log-in. If you want to check it out you need to click on '2007' on the left hand side and it will magically appear - SO ANNOYING!!! Any helpdesk suggestions welcome...

Saturday, 21 July 2007

I need to catch you up on a little something...

Baby mania has swept our world!! Don't get too excited nan & pop I'm not saying that WE have been swept by baby mania, but it seems practically everyone else in our world has been caught by the baby bug.

This year alone...
Karen & Richard gave birth to the adorable Finn Gould
Jeremy & Rita brought little Zoe into the world
Jasper Thomas Vinen was born to proud parents Ged & Kylie
Chris & Denelle gave birth to Talia Paige Brockhurst
Eileen & Rupert welcomed little Jasper
Pete & Helen welcomed the arrival of Isobel Lucy Alderson
Liz & Miggles celebrated the arrival of Olivia Janet Migliorini

and still to come this year...

Garth & Katie will welcome there little one in September
Paul & Stacey are due in October
Hollie & Grant will add a little one to their family in November

And of course, no mention of babies would be complete without mentioning the little (or not so little any more) Jack Speed, the gorgeous son of Karl & Lilly who snuck into this world in November last year!!

Last weekend we even went to a baby-friendly screening of Harry Potter. Karen had booked out the entire Directors Club and filled it with mums & dads & babies!! They were soo cute (and well-behaved)!! While we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves, Will and I couldn't help but think we were missing a little something...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Its the end of the world as we know it...

Its true, our up to now socially hectic life here in Honkers is about to come to a sudden death.

This week I start the course to prepare for the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Exam (OLQE). Keeping in line with true Hong Kong philosophy that one is born to work like a dog, the course has been set for 4 nights a week (7pm - 10pm), and Saturdays for FOUR months. I then have to sit 4 exams, which up to date have about a 70% failure rate.

Why, you may ask?? Well, in order to be admitted here one needs to sit the exams. I am currently working as a Registered Foreign Lawyer, which could continue except that my new firm would prefer that I became admitted here. I have to admit, I agree that it would be better for me to qualify here as a local lawyer - however am I prepared for whats ahead? I don't think so!! Especially given that there is a very good chance I will be doing it all again next year:)

Ahhh, I guess this may explain any sudden drop in blog postings, for which I apologise in advance!! Wish me luck...

only in hk...

all it takes is one sighting of a shark in this place to cause a frenzy. I couldn't quite believe it when I saw this flag hoisted in Deep Water Bay last Saturday following a shark sighting over a week ago in a completely different location. 'Yes, its true - sharks inhibit the ocean.' If you didn't know that by now there is something wrong...

Actually, perhaps this is the reason why so many Chinese fall victim to shark attacks in Australia - silly us, we forgot to hoist the flag!!

Happy Birthday Jo

Saturday night we celebrated Jo entering her 4th decade (for those amongst us who are a bit slow, that's her 30's).

The location for the celebration was Cococabana at Deep Water Bay, where we gathered to watch the beautiful sunset while sipping cocktails on the beach. It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all, notwithstanding the 35 degree temperature and 99% humidity at 7pm.

Happy Birthday Jo!!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

More shenanigan's

On Thursday night we headed out on a PM ("Pinsent Masons") junk trip for end of month (June) drinks. It was a perfect night to be out on the water, the air was clear and the view spectacular!! We sailed to Lamma for a delicious seafood feast and a customary game of 'spin the fish'.

For those not in the know, spin the fish is much like spin the bottle although it involves spinning a 'lazy susan' or the centre thing on Chinese tables (rather than a bottle) and the left over remains of the fish dish. Usually the game is determined by the location of the fishes head, however given that Kien demolished the fishes head (i.e. he ate it), we had to use the tail!! The loser (i.e. the person to whom the fishes tail points), must skull their drink and spin again... It all ended in tears when VC overspun the fish and Mark and Norman ended up wearing it - nice!!!

As we pulled back into Victoria Harbour no-one wanted to get off the boat, however regrettably we complied. Determined not to end the night there, we headed to Shaleans pad for a roof top party. The pictures of the city below were taken from his roof.

As you may have guessed by now, I work with a crazy bunch of poms (including the one on the roof who by the way, is not about to jump:). Boy was I wrong when I thought I was going to work with a bunch of boring Brits!! They are almost as crazy as I am!!

Monday, 9 July 2007

You can't beat a Sunday roast...

Sunday we went to Justin & Mandy's new house in Tung Chung for none other than Justin's famous roast beef and yorkies (Jamie Oliver style). As always the food was delicious, the company fabulous, the view breathtaking, and the wine - not too shabby:) We even managed to fit in a swim in their amazing pool.

Sorry to rub it in Dal Man - but you guys missed a feast!! Hope you are feeling better.

Happy housewarming J&M!! We love the new pad.

Happy Birthday

This week we are celebrating a very special birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you matey. Take care and send our love to mum and dad.

Speaking of birthdays - we just received news that Chris & Denelle welcomed their beautiful baby girl Talia Paige Brockhurst into the world on 25 May 2007. She is absolutely adorable, obviously taking after her mummy!!

Spoon by Alain Ducasse

On Saturday night a group of us headed to the private dining room at the fancy pants restaurant of 'Spoon by Alain Ducasse' at the Intercontinental in Kowloon.

"Spoon is one of Hong Kong and Asia’s most sought-after dining experiences. The innovative dining concept features the contemporary cuisine inspired by Chef and Restaurateur Alain Ducasse, who is the world’s most awarded chef.

Spoon is said to reflect a “total concept” developed by Mr, Ducasse which gives guests the freedom to mix and match food and cooking styles. It’s the ultimate expression of culinary freedom, sophistication and design.

“Spoon by Alain Ducasse” is the fifth Spoon restaurant ‘Spoon, Food & Wine’ opened in Paris in 1998, followed by ‘Spoon des Iles’ in Mauritius, 1999, ‘Spoon + at Sanderson’ in London, 2000, and ‘Spoon Byblos’, Saint Tropez, 2002."

Before heading to dinner we stopped off at Aqua for a few pre-dinner cocktails and were lucky enough to catch the prettiest sunset over the harbour.

The players: Gabs, Nicholas, Jo, Robin, Karen, Richard, Shourav, the lovely Alex and Leigh, Will and I.
The verdict: While we went having heard mixed reviews, we were all very impressed and will definitely be back!! As for the company, it couldn't have been better!! Cheers...