Saturday, 14 July 2007

More shenanigan's

On Thursday night we headed out on a PM ("Pinsent Masons") junk trip for end of month (June) drinks. It was a perfect night to be out on the water, the air was clear and the view spectacular!! We sailed to Lamma for a delicious seafood feast and a customary game of 'spin the fish'.

For those not in the know, spin the fish is much like spin the bottle although it involves spinning a 'lazy susan' or the centre thing on Chinese tables (rather than a bottle) and the left over remains of the fish dish. Usually the game is determined by the location of the fishes head, however given that Kien demolished the fishes head (i.e. he ate it), we had to use the tail!! The loser (i.e. the person to whom the fishes tail points), must skull their drink and spin again... It all ended in tears when VC overspun the fish and Mark and Norman ended up wearing it - nice!!!

As we pulled back into Victoria Harbour no-one wanted to get off the boat, however regrettably we complied. Determined not to end the night there, we headed to Shaleans pad for a roof top party. The pictures of the city below were taken from his roof.

As you may have guessed by now, I work with a crazy bunch of poms (including the one on the roof who by the way, is not about to jump:). Boy was I wrong when I thought I was going to work with a bunch of boring Brits!! They are almost as crazy as I am!!

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