Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Our divine little baby - CoCo Dumpling Holden

Introducing our little baby CoCo !

We had been discussing adding a new member to our family for quite some time, until I happened to think it was a good idea to take the next step and visit the pet shop - crazy idea!! I instantly fell in love with this little toy poodle - and we just had to keep her (others may tell you a different story, including rumours of panic attacks etc) - but don't believe them!

We have had Miss CoCo for about a month now and she is settling into life with the Holdens quite nicely - that is, aside from the toilet training, crying, etc. etc. I tell you puppies are hard work!

She is just adorable though, and has become quite a part of our family. Some say her daddy is too protective, but her mummy thinks it is so sweet :) I am sure CoCo likes the attention too!

So you aren't alarmed - we don't intend to cloth her - but Grandma Gail sent her over a gorgeous little pink coat and we just had to get some pics with her in it for Grandma:)

Note of warning: I would advice against a visit to the pet shop, unless you are certain that you want to buy a pet. It is so easy to fall in love with the little things and before you know it, they will have accompanied you home!

i LOVE icecream

It has been so hot in Hong Kong recently. Its not so much the temperature - which has been up around 35 degrees most days, but the humidity that is the killer. Cause we have had a lot of visitors recently, and have consequently been spending time in the great outdoors, I have noticed it more than normal (what am I saying - the truth is I have taken a few days off work to spend with visitors and have had to venture outdoors instead of staying in the comfort of my air conditioned office)! Pathetic hey!!

One small comfort, loads of yummy icecream - my fav!!!

What's your favourite flavour?

Mine you ask - hmmmm, well I would have to say liquorice if I can get it (rarely), otherwise, Ben & Jerry's caramel cup - yummmmoooo! But the best of the best would have to be Massimo's on Hastings Street in Noosa (if you have been there, then you know what I am talking about!). They make THE best icecream eva!!

So, here's to the hot weather and the perfect excuse to indulge in some frozen delights:)
Image - l&coolj

Blogging drought

So sorry about the blogging drought. We have been flat out this year and time has just flown by. I have had plenty to write about, but as time passes and updates get missed - it becomes such a mammoth task to get up to date that I end up doing something else and not bothering - slack attitude I know!

Never mind, all that's about to change. I can't promise to write chapter and verse about what's happened since Chinese New Year - but a few pics here and there should bring you up to speed.

Image via It's Mary Ruffle