Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Our divine little baby - CoCo Dumpling Holden

Introducing our little baby CoCo !

We had been discussing adding a new member to our family for quite some time, until I happened to think it was a good idea to take the next step and visit the pet shop - crazy idea!! I instantly fell in love with this little toy poodle - and we just had to keep her (others may tell you a different story, including rumours of panic attacks etc) - but don't believe them!

We have had Miss CoCo for about a month now and she is settling into life with the Holdens quite nicely - that is, aside from the toilet training, crying, etc. etc. I tell you puppies are hard work!

She is just adorable though, and has become quite a part of our family. Some say her daddy is too protective, but her mummy thinks it is so sweet :) I am sure CoCo likes the attention too!

So you aren't alarmed - we don't intend to cloth her - but Grandma Gail sent her over a gorgeous little pink coat and we just had to get some pics with her in it for Grandma:)

Note of warning: I would advice against a visit to the pet shop, unless you are certain that you want to buy a pet. It is so easy to fall in love with the little things and before you know it, they will have accompanied you home!

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