Saturday, 21 July 2007

I need to catch you up on a little something...

Baby mania has swept our world!! Don't get too excited nan & pop I'm not saying that WE have been swept by baby mania, but it seems practically everyone else in our world has been caught by the baby bug.

This year alone...
Karen & Richard gave birth to the adorable Finn Gould
Jeremy & Rita brought little Zoe into the world
Jasper Thomas Vinen was born to proud parents Ged & Kylie
Chris & Denelle gave birth to Talia Paige Brockhurst
Eileen & Rupert welcomed little Jasper
Pete & Helen welcomed the arrival of Isobel Lucy Alderson
Liz & Miggles celebrated the arrival of Olivia Janet Migliorini

and still to come this year...

Garth & Katie will welcome there little one in September
Paul & Stacey are due in October
Hollie & Grant will add a little one to their family in November

And of course, no mention of babies would be complete without mentioning the little (or not so little any more) Jack Speed, the gorgeous son of Karl & Lilly who snuck into this world in November last year!!

Last weekend we even went to a baby-friendly screening of Harry Potter. Karen had booked out the entire Directors Club and filled it with mums & dads & babies!! They were soo cute (and well-behaved)!! While we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves, Will and I couldn't help but think we were missing a little something...

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Karen said...

can i have a copy of those pics to show my mum?