Sunday, 25 April 2010

My new lamp

I was soooo excited to pick this beauty up from my lovely lamp man the other day. I am totally in love with it!

I don't think I have mentioned my lamp man before?

A few months ago when I purchased this chair, which was originally intended for our bedroom (it hasn't made its way in there yet), I decided we needed 2 new matching bedside lamps. Previously we had 2 bedside lamps that didn't match (and were old and crappy) and I was desperate to get rid of them.

Well, the lovely lady at the interior shop I purchased the chair at helped me to source some matching fabric for the lamp shades, and then ever so helpfully gave me the details of a guy that hand makes lamp shades here in Hong Kong. It's a dying art you know? I was so delighted to get his details, and even more delighted when I fronted up at his store to discover a treasure trove of lamp bases and carefully crafted shades. Added bonus, his English was pretty good too!

Well 6 shades later... I think I may have over done it just a bit...

The lamp above happened by accident cause I spotted the base in his shop and immediately fell in LOVE with it. At Christmas during our trip home I had purchased this cushion from Signatures (my all time fav shop) in Noosa, and loved the fabric so much that I decided I would track done it's origins (thanks again to the lovely lady at the interiors shop) and have the shade made in the same fabric. The guy at the lamp shop was a bit concerned about my fabric choice, which made me all the more nervous that he didn't completely understand what it was I wanted him to do with it, but much to my delight - when I collected the lamp a few weeks ago, it was absolutely perfect! The craftsmanship is beautiful, with gorgeous silk hand stitched lining. He did such a good job!

I much prefer the softer lighting of lamps in the house, it makes you feel instantly relaxed and soothed don't you think?
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Oh my, I love that lamp!

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