Monday, 19 April 2010

What's been occupying our time...


Straight after my hearing finished in March, our lovely friends Deanne and Larry came to visit. We had SUCH a good time together, it is really fun showing good friends around our town (which we have come to know pretty well after 5 years). We had an absolute ball together, so much so that D&L reckon they are coming every year, we can only hope they hold true to that threat!
Overlapping with their stay were my 2 sisters who came to spend Easter with the Holdens in Honkers. It was sooooo lovely to spend time with the girls. If you have ever lived away from home (far away), then you will know what it's like when you travel home on the yearly pilgrimage - you have a million people to catch up with, and as a result, never get to spend the quality time you would like, with everyone. Well we had 10 days of togetherness, just the 4 of us (& CoCo) and it was divine.
In some ways I wish they hadn't come, having spent so much time together it made me realise just how much I miss them and I have been a blubbering mess ever since they left. Every time I go somewhere we went together, or do something we did, it reminds me of them and the fact that they are now gone! You really don't appreciate things until they are gone, do you?
Now that everyone is gone, things are pretty quiet around the Holden household. We are going to try and keep it that way, till June at least, when Will's parents come over to celebrate his 30th birthday!. Then we are off to Spain for 2.5 weeks. Oh, that will be fun. What have you been up to lately? Posted by Picasa

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