Monday, 19 April 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Given my complete slackness in the blog department recently, you can imagine how surprised I was to receive this {very sweet} sunshine award from the lovely Kathy over at SweetSimplicitee.

Truth be known, Kathy is my sister-in-law so perhaps she was just trying to do her very best to prod me out of my blog spell, and motivate me to start posting again. Whatever the reason, I am very grateful!

Pop over to Kathy's blog and marvel at her stunning creations - she is one truly talented gal! She has also started a new Etsy store to sell her lovely fabric creations. Go check it out, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Kathy!!!!!

This award thingy is all very new to me! Apparently I now have to select 12 of my fav blogs to pass this award onto. Problem is, how can I stop at 12... here goes:

Beach Vintage

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Brabourne Farm

Count it all Joy

Little Miss Emma

A cup of Jo

My Life - My Loves

Brown Button

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Katy Potaty Cupcake Lady

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My Favourite Things

I recommend you make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit back and relax - you might be here for a while! Thanks to the lovely ladies (yes, randomly they are all femme bloggers) above - you bring sunshine to my day, everyday! They are all so talented and inspiring. Sometimes I find it VERY hard to get off the couch and ready for work when I could so easily lose the day reading all your lovely blogs.

To keep the Sunshine Award travelling, all you need to do is:

(1) Send a big Thank you to the person who gave it to you;

(2) Copy the award and place it on your blog;

(3) Link to the person who nominated you;

(4) Pass it along to 12 other bloggers that light up your day.


Kathy said...

So lovely to see you back, I have missed you in BlogLand:) Thankyou for the lovely words, you seriously need to get out and get that sewing machine and crank it up! I am dying to see your creations with that gorgeous fabric you bought around Christmas time! Take care, chat soon.

vicki archer said...

Thank you so much....what a lovely award and a great group to be included in. I am very touched you thought of me...xv

Kimberlee said...

you are the sweetest brooke - thank you! hope all is well over there xxxxxx

Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much! i am so flattered to be included. how awesome that you live in hong kong! joannaxo

Katy_Potaty said...

Thank you so much Brooke, I'm truly honoured to be in such grand company.