Monday, 1 February 2010

I'm in LOVE

with my new chair!

Whilst out shopping for a desk the other week I stumbled across this gorgeous Mulberry fabric chair! I couldn't resist entering the shop and enquiring as to the price (I know, I am a sucker)! I was totally swept away when the sales assistant told me that I could have the display one for $4,000 HKD (that's about $580 AUD and $515 USD). To give you an idea of what a bargain that was, if I ordered a new one it would have cost about $14,ooo HKD ($2,000 AUD or $1,800 USD).

To be honest, by this stage I had totally fallen in love with the chair so I don't suppose it would have mattered how much she said it was. The fact that it was a bargain only reinforced my decision that I had to have it {and allowed me to feel a little better about the impulse purchase}. I did run it past Will first, but thankfully he agreed that it was too good a deal to refuse {don't I have the best husband eva!}

I had been searching for inspiration for our bedroom since we moved into our apartment last year. My original intention was to put it in the bedroom, and use it as a base for decorating the rest of the room. Whilst I still intend to do that {at some point}, the delivery guys placed it in our living room, and boy does it look good! It hasn't yet made it's way into the bedroom, but I figure it deserves a little centre stage attention!

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Beach Vintage said...

Oh my. It is stunning. Well done. The fabric is wonderful.

Elie's Papel said...

beautiful!!! love how bright the colors are and the print... ;)