Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sorry I have been so slack...

... I have been spending all of my time working on getting a body like this to give to my husband for his 30th birthday!

HA - just kidding, although I have been spending time exercising and dieting lately {what's new...}.

Things are rather hectic around here at the moment. I have a trial starting on 1 March lasting for 2.5 weeks and the preps leading up to that have meant that my spare time is somewhat limited. I have also been busy for the past 2 weeks organising the Holden's Chinese New Year Dinner which went down a treat last Saturday night. I promise to post pics soon!

We are heading away {to Kota Kinabalu} on Friday night for 4 nights with a bunch of friends which should see some well deserved {even if I do say so myself} R&R. It will unfortunately be short lived, cause work will only get busier when we get back and then I might as well right off 1 - 17 March whilst the hearing is on.

Good news though, once the trial is over we have lots of visitors to look forward too - Deanne & Larry, Ebony & April, Dan & Val, and maybe even Jess if we are lucky. Then it will be June and we will be off to France & Spain for 3 weeks - yeah, you heard it, we are going on another holiday! I think we will need it after we get through the first half of this year.

I guess this is a long way of saying that I am sorry I haven't been contributing at my usual pace, and I can't promise that will improve in the coming few weeks/months. I will try my best though, you have my word on that!


Image - flickr via Brabourne Farm (oh my, this blog is sooooo inspiring - love ,love, love it! I think I will try and work towards getting this body to give to my gorgeous husband for his birthday - 6 months left and counting! Wish me luck)


Beach Vintage said...

Dont worry, we all get busy times. Sounds like you have a lot of things coming up. We will all still be here waiting to hear from you.

Brabourne Farm said...

How lovely to be planning a holiday - makes all the busy times just that bit more bearable! Leigh

Anonymous said...

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