Monday, 22 February 2010


We are back from our short 4 night stay in KK, Malaysia. It was so lovely to get away, even if it was just for a few days. We spent the whole time relaxing, and hanging out with friends (oh, and a bit of time in the spa getting pampered!).

The closest room to you in the 2nd pic was ours, yeap direct access into the water off our deck - bliss! And just to make you even more jealous - the infinity pool features in the fore front of each pic - you can't tell the difference between the ocean and the pool (giving true meaning to the term "infinity pool" I guess).

Anyway, unfortunately all that is now but a distant memory - cause I am one week (to the day) away from my trial starting and things are going to get very hectic around here. Whilst I will try to keep posting, I am afraid you will have to forgive my slackness for the coming month (arghhh). How am I ever going to cope!

Please bear with me! Ciao for now

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Beach Vintage said...

Wow, look like a fab place. I am back in blogland too from a break. Looking forward to catching up on your blog.