Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hey, It's OK...

I was flicking through some hand-me-down mags the other day when I stumbled upon this piece in Glamour magazine (not my usual choice of mag, but hey, it was free). Something about it just stuck, so I thought I would share it with you (and add a few tid bits here and there)...

Hey, it's ok... be irrationally annoyed when no one compliments your brand new dress (crap, I can't remember the last time I had a new dress)! order your favourite takeaway over and over. If it ain't broke, why fix it? (oh, totally dreaming of my fav Nepalese take out right now)! be weirdly obsessed with miniature shampoos, fun-sized chocolate bars, mini mascaras etc (don't get this one, I have a compulsion whenever I get one of these (and can't bear to throw it away), to use it all up straight away so that I can feel better about binning it and not being wasteful. I wish it didn't come into my hands in the first place. When we travelled when we were younger I used to {steal} all the little miniatures in hotel rooms only to get them home and hate the clutter they created, stash them in the back of a cupboard {out of site out of mind} and then dig them out a few years later and bin them, after all they were soooo out of date they were useless - now-a-days, I just bin them straight away, or don't take them in the first place - unless they are Salvatore Ferragamo treats like we had in Tuscany, then I keep {and use} them:) have a "to hell with it" moment and leave your car in an inner-city car park overnight (don't have a car so a little hard to have a moment like this, but akin to it, I guess, would be deciding to catch a cab home when you are only 5 mins walk away... or maybe that's just lazy...) be outraged when a friend "steals" your favourite baby name. You claimed that one when you were 12, dammit (hmmm, can't say I have experienced this either, but I dare say my time will come...) tell your mobile phone company you're thinking of leaving, when you have no intention of going so. Gets results (yeap, been there, done that!)

...if you "forget" to reply to boring texts that simply ask, "How are you?" (me, Ha, I would never do this... ;-) have "Santa Baby" or "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on your ipod. All those Scrooges out there, two words: lighten up. (can't say these two tunes in particular are on there, but equally embarrassing is J. Lo - which I {love} to exercise to! God help me if anyone heard what I was listening too sometimes - whatever gets you going I say!)

Happy hump day everyone. I have a busy day at work (partner is in town - eek), then I am off to pilates! Enjoy xox

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Beach Vintage said...

Yes I think whatever works with music is good. Can't stand people who dictate music must haves and have nots.