Tuesday, 26 January 2010


One of my fav things to do whenever we visit home is to head to Hastings Street in Noosa for a little retail therapy. Signatures would have to be my all time favourite shop! You know those shops that as you enter you feel instantly good - well that's how I feel when I
enter Signatures.

Their gorgeous home wares are spread over two floors, and it is quite possible to waste (well I wouldn't exactly classify it as "waste") hours and hours in there. Not to mention the huge amounts of cash that inevitably get spent whenever I am allowed to enter!!

We normally spend a week in Noosa after Christmas, and I can tell you I have been known to visit this shop every one of those 7 days. This year I didn't have the luxury of time, and had to confine myself to a couple of minutes in there:( I managed to buy a few souvenirs (see pics above) - and walked out with a smile on my face.

Oh I wish there were stores like this in Hong Kong...

side note:

you may not know this but Hong Kong apartments are so small that people don't usually entertain at home. The result of this is that home ware stores don't seem to be as plentiful in HK, and people are more reluctant to spend money on interior decor. One of the things you may notice when you visit HK is the amount of peeps you see on the street with designer handbags etc. In the past you have probably assumed they were fakes - but alas, this is not usually the case (and to tell you the truth, it's usually only the expats that would dare be seen with a fake)! You see, people don't use their homes as a show of their style, affluence etc., they use themselves! In order to do this, they have no objection to splashing huge amounts of cash on designer fashions that they can then show off around town. In Australia, we usually invest quite heavily in our homes - this is their equivalent! I once had a secretary who would quite happily invest her entire months salary on a new "it" bag, every single month (preferring to live off her husband, or parents for the essentials). At least she looked good!

Image 1 - Brown Button

Image 2 - taken by mwah

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Beach Vintage said...

This is truly an amazing shop and I visit often. It is true that it makes you feel instantly relaxed when you enter. I love stores like this.

Courtney said...

Oooh, from those photos, I have I feeling I could spend quite a bit of time poking around that shop!