Friday, 8 January 2010

Sleepovers with Dee and Laz

OMG we had such a good time catching up with our very dear friends Deanne & Larry! We managed to fit in a sleepover, which was just as well because we were certainly not in a state to drive anywhere after our fabulous afternoon/evening together.

Laz took us for a cruise up the Noosa river and then treated us to a seafood feast - abalone, bugs, mud crab (squeal!), and lots mmmooorrreee. Not to mention some of the most scrummy wine and bubbles I have tasted in my life.

We had such a lovely time, only wish we could do it more often!


PS. We mustn't have been such bad company either cause the very next day they booked their flights to Hong Kong for a little visit. We can't wait to host them in our adopted home town!!!
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