Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekend Flowers

It's been a while since I posted any pics of our weekend flowers (sorry about that)!

On Friday night I stopped in at the little flower stall in the Wanchai market and bought myself a bunch of white orchids. The best bit about them, aside from how pretty they look, is that they only cost me $12 HK dollars (that's less than $2 Aus dollars). I guess they grow in abundance in Asia, and so they aren't expensive. Gotta love that!

I was doubly spoilt on the weekend though, cause my lovely husband bought me home a bunch of flowers on Saturday after he finished work. No pics sorry, the weather was rather gloomy on the weekend and I couldn't seem to get sufficient light to get a good pic:( The one above I took early Sat morning (before I received the other bunch!)

I {heart} fresh blooms in the house!!!

Happy Monday peeps!

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