Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Spending time on the farm

I promised you I would post about some of the special moments we had on our trip, so here is the first.

We spent both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with the Humblecrofts on their farm in the Mary Valley. From the minute they bought this property Will and I have always found it to be a sanctuary, one which we have over the years escaped to many times.

Not only is the property divine, it is home to some of our bestest friends in the world. We have a ball every time we go there, and it is one place that makes me instantly miss home the minute I think of it. When I am having a crap day in the office, or life is getting too much, I always picture myself sitting on the balcony at the farm relaxing with a glass of wine, and mulling over the woes of life with one of the peeps pictured above.

It's a tradition for the Cosima gals (+Will) and the Humblecrofts to spend Christmas Eve together, and this year we managed to convince mumma Cosima to come with us to the farm! I had been wanting to take her there for years, and we finally got to do so. Thanks mumma.

Yah for happy times at the farm!


PS. Timmy (far left) finally popped the question to Ms G (second from left) in 2009, and October will see the boot scootin cowboy and gal get married. True to form they will be celebrating the occasion at the farm, and Will and I are hoping to be there to celebrate with them! Congrats T&G!!

PPS. The first pic above is of Ms G in her flower farm, isn't it pretty? Doesn't every girl dream of playing with flowers all day long!
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