Monday, 18 January 2010

Cheese heaven

Isn't this cheese table adorable!

For those of you that love cheese (and that includes me!), I was so inspired by these pics and the story over at Sunday Suppers. The gals at SS were asked to guest post over at Martha Stewart's wedding blog: The Bride's Guide with Darcy Miller, and this is what they came up with.

Whilst their table was designed as a wedding dessert table, I think it would be just as befitting at a cocktail party. In fact, I am trying to think of reasons to host one soon, just so that I can prepare one of these gorgeous tables!

In terms of weddings though, the best thing about this idea (aside from the fact that it looks so darn good), is that it is attainable for every bride (and budget). I have a few friends getting married this year, and I am definitely going to recommend this idea to them!

Speaking of cheeses, on Friday night we celebrated a friends 40th birthday with a few drinkies at a new bar/restaurant that's just opened in Hong Kong - Posto Pubblico. Whilst I was still recovering from a bout of food poisoning and was off the wagon - both in terms of food and drink - we sat near the open kitchen (a rarity in HK I must say) and I watched the chefs prepare the most awesome looking food. The dish that particularly caught my eye was a pasta made with fresh Parmesan. Basically (from what I could see anyway), the chef just threw the hot pasta into a huge wheel of parmesan (that had a whole carved out the middle), and swished it around until it was all creamy and gooey. It looked so darn good I wanted to take the plate right out of her hands and gooble the whole thing.

It got me thinking though, what a fabulous idea for a dinner party. Whilst the purchase of a whole wheel of parmesan is a little OTT, I wonder if I could source a not so big wheel that would have the same effect... Then I got thinking, you could serve the pasta in a big bowl on the table, alongside the parmesan and a platter of all kinds of yummy accompaniments. Your guests could then make their own pasta however they fancied. YUMMO!

All this will have to wait however, as the diet continues... I was helped along last week by the food poisoning, but I am resolute that this week I am going to continue to be good! Wish me luck.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather in HK was divine - a little chilly, but nice and warm in the sun with gorgeous blue skies. I was even lucky enough to get to spend the whole weekend with Will (who had Saturday off)! I feel almost ready to face a new week...almost!


Image via Sunday Suppers

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