Monday, 15 October 2007

Bye Bye Sal

Last Sunday we bid a tearful farewell to Sal who is heading back to Oz in prep for the arrival of Baby Keane (due in Feb). We are SOOO sad to see Sal go as she is part of our HK family - her and pop (aka Dal man).

We have shared many a crazy time together, and we are just not sure what life in HK will be like without her:( Hmm - how times are a changin...

For our last hurrah we went to Cococabana at Deep Water Bay (might I add this time we were at least a bit more civilised - Lucy you will be glad to hear:) and we even managed to keep Sal out of the water:) Ah, memories...
Some pics of the scrummy food (dad I bet you can taste it all the way from Oz) Don't worry it wont be long until you come back over:)

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Karen said...

yum! looks like fun. I just discovered that place about a day before leaving.

The way the photos were taken it seems like sal's already had the baby... some time last year