Wednesday, 25 June 2008

T 8 in HK

One of the greatest things about living in Hong Kong is that throughout the summer months, we tend to receive our fair share of typhoon's and monsoonal rain storms. Take today for example, at around 6am this morning the HK Observatory issued a T 8 signal. This means that winds with mean speeds of 63 kilometres per hour or more are expected from the southwest quarter. It also means, more importantly, that we don't have to go to work!!!

Today, its timing was perfect, as they thoughtfully raised it before we got out of bed which meant that Will hadn't already left and he too got to enjoy the lie in. This is the second day off we have had this season. A few weeks ago, the Black rainstorm warning was issued (albeit on a Saturday) and Will didn't have to go to work (I know - outrageous, he normally has to work on Saturdays)!! That was an extra bonus!!

The last T 8 we had, which was about this time last year, it was declared at 3pm. As we were at work, we all headed down to the pub for what ended up being the longest drinking session I have ever had the misfortune of participating in. The thing is, most pubs offer free drinks whilst the T 8 signal is hoisted, which is of course very dangerous. Us expats certainly do not need any further encouragement to drink!! As it is 9am, I think we will hold off heading down to the pub just yet... although I am sure the text messages will start soon enough with plans for more frivolity.

You might be asking yourself whether we should actually be concerned about the weather (as you would be in Oz if a Cyclone hit). Well, to be honest, most of the time it is completely fine and nothing major happens. Other times, like a few weeks ago when the black rainstorm hit - there was tremendous damage, landslides and some fatalities. As long as you play it safe though, you should be ok. Hence the reason who we aren't required to travel anywhere during one of these signals.

So, I thought to myself, what better time to update the blog (which yes, is a little out of date I confess) than NOW!! Provided the T 8 signal stays hoisted for a while...

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