Monday, 2 February 2009

Christmas Holiday

As usual we headed home to the Sunshine Coast for Chrissy. We had 2 wonderful weeks catching up with our family and friends - it was fantastic!!

As soon as we arrived we headed to lunch with the gang at Cru on James Street. It was so nice catching up with everyone - just wish we had longer to see them:(

We also managed to squeeze in 5 nights in Noosa (right on the beach) - which was sooo nice!! Zoe & Saf joined us from Hong Kong. It was there first trip to Queensland - and luckily, we had perfect weather the entire time.

This was the view from our balcony!!

We spent some time catching up with Deanne and Larry - it was so lovely to see them. Laz taught Saf how to fish - he was in heaven!!

Dad had the old gang around at his house for the NY period - it was lovely to catch up with the boys (and Leisha)!! Some things never change...

We went to visit Michelle, Gen and Tim up at the farm. Unfortunately Jess and Verity didn't make it home this year which was such a shame and we missed them dearly:(

Pop cooked the grandkids one of his famous fish dinners - it was sooooo good!!

We spent a day in Bris catching up with Clint, Kathy, Lara, Tahlia, Bill and Louise. Our twin nieces are growing up SOOOO fast!!

We also stopped in to see Damian, Melitta and little adorable Sofia :)

Christmas day was spent in the usual way - racing from one place to the next...but we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Our adorable nephew !!

Val and Ang cooking all of the Christmas treats - yummmmm!!!

Dan & Val bought a boat just before Christmas and they took us out for the day up the Noosa river. It was such a lovely way to spend the day, and we wished that we still lived down the road so we could enjoy it more...

The fam - even Nath & Anna were home this year. It was so lovely to have the whole family together - and we even managed not to fight:)

Shaneena, Ant, Charlotte, Harry, Georgia and Sean were all up the Coast too. The kids are sooooo adorable!!!

We spent some time on the beach with Will's brothers!

We also caught up with Roz (my godmother). It is always so lovely to visit her and I only wish we had more time to spend together:(
Our last day - just before we jumped in the car and headed to the sad !!

At the airport Tim, Ruth and Ben came to say hello. Ben has grown sooo big now - we are hoping they come to visit us in HK this year (hint, hint)!!
The good news is, this year we plan to make a few more trips home. Will is undertaking his masters through Uni of NSW and has 2 residential weeks a year in Sydney (I have already booked my leave and told him he can't go without me :)

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