Monday, 12 January 2009

Europe Trip - Paris

Paris, oh Paris - we absolutely fell in love with Paris!! It was everything we had hoped for (and more).

We stayed in a gorgeous Parisian hotel called Hotel Saint Beuve (see pics below) (again - we would definitely highly recommend it to anyone)!!

We ate the MOST divine meal we had ever had in our lives in a gorgeous little restaurant called Le Comptoir (warning: it gets extremely busy so if you don't have a reservation get there VERY early, for lunch)!!

We sat around drinking espresso ("cafe") and enjoying the atmosphere of Paris.

We dreamt of living in Paris in one of these gorgeous little apartments (complete with flower box) - divine (and right beside Le Comptior - perfect)!!

We ate french oysters and moulles frites (YUMBO) in St Germaine

I (of course) managed to find a paper shop :)

We admired the breathtaking beauty of the Parisian florists...

We went to see the Moulin Rouge (which was actually fantastic and well worth seeing)!!

We walked around Jardin de Luxembourg (and took inspirational photos for Stuart) :)

We had a picnic under the Eiffel Tower (complete with red wine, gorgeous Roquefort, and crusty french baguettes)

We visited Laduree (WOW)!!

We walked along the Champs-Elysees (of course)... and saw the Arc de Triumph

We had our second best meal ever - steak and frites at Relais de Entrecote - wholly molley ...

We visited the Louvre (ans saw the Mona Lisa - which in real life is TINY!!!!)

We sat in the afternoon sun at our favourite corner cafe (near our hotel) drinking haute medoc (bliss)

and of course we ate millions of criossants :)

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