Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Baby Shower

Last Saturday we celebrated Stacey's Baby Shower in style with afternoon tea at Georgie's house.

Stacey, who is looking as radiant and beautiful as ever, was showered with gifts and well wishes for the upcoming birth of her and Paul's first child.
Stacey's mum Michelle, had a great idea that we would all give Stacey our favourite childhood book as a pressie to build up Baby O'Brien's library. We had a lovely afternoon opening all the books (which I am positive numbered in the thousand's). Books came from far and wide and you can assured that little Baby O'Brien will be the best read kid in school.

It was such a lovely idea and one that will bring memories to Stacey & Paul for years to come.

Thanks go to Georgie, Liz and Bree who organised a fantastic afternoon for Stace!!
We look forward to meeting the little one soon:)

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