Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Venetian

Last weekend we headed over to Macau for a mini-break.

We stayed at The Venetian which is the Casino that originally brought us to Hong Kong (for work silly, not gambling). It opened a few weeks ago and so we grabbed an opening night special and took a much needed night away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

From all reports - the place is GRAND and completely over the top!!

The pictures below are taken inside the casino in the Grand Canal Shopping Arcade - yes that's right INSIDE!! The sky ceiling is painted!!

Complete with Gondola's, and Venetian boys to guide you along!!

There are a variety of pools (some of which are not yet open). The plan was to relax by the pool, read a book, sip cocktails and take it easy - but alas, the pool was surrounded by construction and construction noise which did not make for a very peaceful time. We retreated instead to the V Spa for a massage.
I had a relaxing lavender massage, footscrub and facial, whilst Will had a Lemoncello massage, footscrub and facial. The treatments themselves were great but the spa facilities need a little work. The steam room was as noisy as all hell and Will luckily managed to free himself before passing out as the automatic steam release wasn't working and he started to feel a little light headed!!

The rooms themselves were fabulous - they were huge and luxurious. The beds were so comfy, the bath was great and the sunken lounge a nice touch. The outlook was crappy though as we looked over the air conditioning vents and the construction site next door.

We managed to fit in lunch at Fernando's (how could we resist)!! That place has the best Portuguese food this side of Portugal!! I have put in a pic of the scrummy chicken and chips (very low cal - not) and the fabulous wine glasses!!
We also managed to sneak an egg tart from Lord Stow's bakery - oh so naughty, but oh so divine!!

We also headed into the Town Centre for a quick stroll along the cobblestone paths admiring the antique stores and the Ruins of St Pauls.

Back at the ranch we enjoyed a splendid dinner at Morton's. For those not in the know - Mortons is a renowned steak restaurant originating out of the US of A. It serves divine food and the service was superb. Willy had snuck in the fact that it was my B'day and OMG - did they treat us like royalty - complete with a pic for their wall of fame!!
They treated us to the nicest table, a personalised menu, the best service I think I have ever experienced, unsurpassed food, a great bottle of Napa Valley Cab Sav, and a divine complimentary choc pud for dessert (complete with an orchestra of waiters/waitresses singing Happy Birthday)!! It was a great night, and we enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing... "Mrs Holder"!!! Gotta love Chinglish don't you:)
Funny thing - Will mistakenly tried to order a bottle of wine only to have the sommelier come and tell us that he thought the bottle we ordered may be a little too big for just the 2 of us - he had unknowingly ordered a 3 litre bottle (shown in the pic)!!! Lucky they picked up on that!!! Must have thought we were crazy...

B'day cake # 3 (presented to me for breakfast on my b'day)!! Despite the fact that it was breakfast time - it would have been rude not to eat it:)

And finally, a pic of me wearing my beautiful dressing gown that Will bought me for my b'day. I LOVE it!! Thanks babe.

Also thanks to all the folks here in HK and back home for all the birthday messages and well wishes, pressies and phone calls. I felt very spoilt!!
And there it is for another year...

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