Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Birthday celebrations

Last Saturday night Will organised an (advance) b'day dinner for me at one of our fav restaurants - Yun Fu.

It was so nice to take a break from study and spend some time with friends.

Some info on Yun Fu to set the scene...

A mystical journey to a basement on Wyndham Street, Yun Fu, meaning "Residence on Wyndham" in Chinese, is a brand new restaurant concept presented by the innovative Aqua Restaurant Group.

With Calvin Yeung as Chief Interior Designer and Executive Chef, Yun Fu takes diners on a culinary journey of Chinese ethnic minorities, with a strong Tibetan influence. Yun Fu is designed to recall an ancient Chinese mansion house with discreet heavy oak doors which open onto the street. Guests descend down a Buddha-lined staircase which opens into an enchanting "dungeon" of ethnically influenced dining and bar areas.

The interior design is characterized by the theme of "circle," which, in Chinese tradition, signifies "unity" and "infinity." Examples of such are the circular bar, the waved ceiling, the curved corridor and the many circular Chinese baskets that serve as presentation and serving bowls.

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