Monday, 3 September 2007

The Nightmare continues....

Well as you can see from my rather slack amount of recent postings - the OLQE has taken over mine (and Will's) life.

So far I have had classes on every night of the week (including most Fridays) from 7 - 10pm and Saturday afternoons 2 - 5pm.

I am tired, exhausted, stressed, frustrated and SCARED!!! Given that the pass rate for all 4 exams is only 10% I am not sure if there is any hope for me.

Anyway, each day brings a renewed sense of hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. mid November). The week after I finish the exams my adorable sis Ebony is coming to spend a month with me - she will have just finished year 12 and Will and I plan to show her (and her bud Cholena) a fabulous time. We can't wait!!!

Then, we will be heading home for Christmas for 2 WEEKS - the thought of this DOES bring a tear to my eye. I cannot contain my excitement!!! We have booked 5 nights on Hastings Street in Noosa where we will lounge around (hang on a minute its Noosa - shall I say swan around) with our best buds Jess, Shannon, Tim, Sophie, Nic, Verity and hopefully some other peoples who will come and visit us whilst we are home. Ah, I can picture it now - morning walks along the beach, swimming, sunbaking, sipping cocktails on the balcony overlooking Laguna bay, Massimo's, great food... (now I am balling)!!!

Until then though Im afraid, it will be head down bum up for me - for which I apologise in advance.

Take care, W & B

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