Friday, 21 January 2011

What do you think?

So this whole boy thing has got me thinking about nursery themes/colours...

Last year during our trip to Paris, I spotted the most adorable window display for a children's shop called Zef Piccolo. I took some pics (sorry, don't have them now to post unfortunately) and always thought that if we had a boy, I would love to use the colour scheme from that window display (navy, red and white - with stars and stripes).

Whilst I still LOVE the idea, I have googled, and Ohdeedoh'ed, and project nursery'ed for some inspiration using this colour scheme, but have really turned up a blank. The only real images/ideas in these colours tend to be nautical themes, and that's not what I am after.

In my quest however, I did stumble across the pinwheels above (which I promptly purchased) from the lovely Etsy store ElizabethSt. I must say that I am a bit partial to this colour scheme, and may be persuaded to change tact. What do you think?

The paper is from Anna Griffin. I am on the hunt to see whether she also produces the prints in fabric. That would be too easy wouldn't it! Will let you know how I go...

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BLWC said...

Congrats on the great news that your little one is a boy! Boys are so much fun and they really are lovely little people. Girls are definitely quieter and easier from what I've heard but I think if you have a boy first you'll be prepared for anything next time around! Love the colours in the pic by the way, I'm inspired to redecorate our nursery now! If you do go back to the red, white and blue I've seen some great stuff at Smarty Pants (Lyndhurst Tce) and Indigo Kids (Ap Lei Chau).