Sunday, 23 January 2011


Don't ask me why the hell am I looking at pictures of swimmers in my current state (i.e. 5 months pregnant...) but I couldn't resist posting this pic. These swimmers are absolutely divine! When I need my next diet inspiration (like today I guess, cept I am taking 9 months off), I will stick a pic of these on my inspiration board.


Seen here

PS. As an after note, my husband just hilariously revealed his ever so practical nature, and it had me in stitches. We are off to Thailand next week for 9 nights (babymoon time,!) anyway, I have been meaning to try my swimmers on for days now to make sure they still fit. When I did this post I called hubby over to show him how incredibly beautiful these swimmers were and the only thing he had to say "don't think you would like to swim with those big tassels hanging off you..." to which I promptly replied (complete with full visual of Thailand next week in my head "I don't think they are intended for swimming laps, more like swanning around a resort pool looking incredibly gorgeous". Sometimes men just don't get it do they:)

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Emma said...

Oooh, how lovely, have a wonderful time! Whereabouts are you going? I was born in Thailand and have been many times. Swimmers are divine and no, few straight men understand fashion!