Monday, 26 October 2009

Weekend Flowers

I always love to fill the house with flowers for the weekend, but this weekend I went where I hadn't dare go before (as far as flowers are concerned that is)!

I have often looked at these bright (I dare say "artificially" so) flowers in the market and thought how awful and fake they look. For some reason, I felt different this past Friday and wondered how the bright colours would go all mixed together... well, I have to report - I was impressed!

Living in Hong Kong we are blessed to have a huge variety of flowers available in the markets at super affordable prices. That's right boys, there is NO excuse in Hong Kong not to treat your gal to flowers every week! As a point of comparison, a dozen roses in Hong Kong would set you back about $15Aus (and that's for long stem - gorgeous colours). Not bad hey!

The flowers must have set the mood for the long weekend, cause it certainly was bright & cheery! I will definitely be purchasing these little beauties again.

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Karen said...

Nice arrangement! They definitely look better mixed like that. I think a bright coloured vase would look good too :-)

My favourite bargain flower to buy in HK is the water lilies. I used to get them for something like HKD12 a bunch!