Friday, 30 October 2009

What lovely friends

I mentioned my gorgeous pink KitchenAid yesterday when I told you all about my successful baking challenge. Well I couldn't help but share a picture of it with you. Isn't it divine!

My beautiful Hong Kong buddies gave it to me for my birthday last month, and I couldn't have asked for a better present. I am totally in love with it (and have even been known to whisper sweet nothings in its bowl)!

The best thing about it (aside from the fact that it will outlive me, oh, and of course its colour), is that it is not just a mixing bowl. There are a load of attachments that you can use with it, and I am just dying to get my mittens on some (well ok, I may have one already)! There is a citrus juicer (whose fruits of which I am actually sitting sipping as I type), a grinder/mincer and a sausage stuffer (both of which I have begged my mum to buy me for Christmas!), as well as a whole range of pasta making devices.

I know it may sound daft to want to make your own sausages, but I can't wait. One thing about living in Hong Kong that annoys me is that we have no proper butcher shops, and hence no proper sausages. Now we have a balcony, and a BBQ (squeal) I can't wait to be able to make some homemade treats to share with friends... any ideas for combo's ? I am thinking chicken, macadamia and honey; lamb and mint, good ole fashioned pork (with perhaps a hint of apple)... the possibilities are endless!

I am a bit concerned that I may not be able to find the sausage skins over here, but I live in hope!

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Karen said...

Ah, the attachment I like is the big whisk - reminds me of childhood when we used a similar but clunky old device to make pavlovas. I didn't even like pavlovas as a child, but I loved making that with that big whisk :-).

Your macadamia sausages sound like an excellent idea. You could always move to Singapore by the way - it's like Hong Kong but with an Aussie butcher ;-). On the other hand, I suspect you might miss these fab HK friends of yours...

Brooke said...

I forgot to mention the other attachment which kneads bread - I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to make homemade pizza dough - oh, the possibilities are endless!

Oh, and re: the butcher, I wasn't being completely 100% honest - a few months ago a new place opened in Horizon Plaza called Pacific Gourmet which is like an Aussie butcher - in fact, it is great! Only problem is you have to go all the way out there to visit it!