Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A little news to share


I think I may have been T.H.E. most slackest blogger in the history of blogging recently. I have been following all my fav blogs on a daily basis, but just haven't got around to updating my own. It's a sad state of affairs really and I feel ever so guilty for soaking up loads of inspiration from all my favourite blogs, but not contributing anything myself.

Well hopefully that's all about to change... I set up this here bloggio to keep our family & friends back in Australia in the loop with the goings on in the Holden household in Hong Kong. Truth be known, the Holden household has been busy, busy making babies that is:) Not really something that I could share with you all at the time... but now, it's a different story.

On 5 June 2011 we are expecting our first little bubba. Very exciting news. Given that our family & friends are so far away, I am going to try and make sure that I update the blog regularly so that they (and you) can be involved in watching this little human develop.

We are in Week 14 now, and things are sailing along nicely. Would be a whole lot nicer I have to admit if I hadn't spent the past 14 weeks feeling so sick. Haven't felt sick since Friday so hopefully (fingers & toes crossed) I have turned the magical 14 week mark and that will be a thing of the past. I can tell you, there were times in the past 14 weeks when I didn't think I could handle it anymore. I have always been prone to car/motion sickness, and living with that feeling constantly for 14 weeks ain't pretty.

Aside from the morning sickness (how the hell it ever got the name "morning" sickness, I'll never know), things are all going well. I think we spent the first 12 weeks freaking out about what it meant to be having a baby, what change it was going to bring to our lives, and whether we were ready to cope with it. We have spent the past 2 weeks contemplating the millions of purchases that we will need to make - it usually goes like this - walk into a shop, look around, get heart palpitations, walk to book section, buy a "how to" book and then run out of the shop.

Now, in Week 14, I am happy to report that the heart palpitation moments are slowly decreasing, and it is starting to become a reality.

Don't get me wrong, we desperately wanted this child, even planned for it in fact... But I am not sure that any amount of planning can calm your nerves when you eventually pee on that stick and find out that you are pregnant. The thoughts that race through your head, the anxious feeling you feel when you start contemplating the e.n.o.r.m.o.u.s. responsibility you are about to take on (have taken on...), it's all a bit overwhelming.

The fact that I am able to blog about it now, means that things are starting to sink in, we are slowly getting used to the idea, and even in fact, starting to get a little excited:) Ok, a LOT excited!

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Brooke said...

Oh Congratulations!! I think the best way to describe new additions is that before they are in your arms you can't imagine what life will be like and once you are holding them you really truly can't remember life before them. It's all good.

I found you on the Mondo Cherry blog - the name attracted me..hehe.