Thursday, 30 December 2010

The world is such a small place...

... made all the smaller through blogland!

A couple of weeks back I was in London (for work) and managed to snag a day for shopping. I have to be honest, I didn't do the town justice - I only managed to do two shops (but boy did I do them well). Which two shops you ask??? Mama's & Papa's (for obvious reasons) and Liberty (for obvious reasons!).

I managed to spend the entire day in just two shops, and it was heaven! Whilst strolling the floors in Liberty I stumbled across a display of the most delightful tableware ever. I couldn't resist, and bought two matching cups and saucers (the pink & blue one in the pics above). The brand was not one I had heard before, Pip Studios, but boy did I love everything in their range.

Anyhow, I was actually sitting here this very morning sipping my morning coffee out of my lovely new pink cup when I read the post by Cannelle et Vanille and stumbled across this pic and a story about Pip Studios. All of their products are so delightful - I just wish my suitcase had of been bigger :(

Small world hey - who would have thought that my little indulgence in Liberty would turn up in a post by one of my favourite bloggers...

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