Wednesday, 29 December 2010


One of the most perplexing things about being pregnant is that my taste buds have totally changed. I don't mean that things taste different, but I desire different things than I used to.
A couple of examples...
Whilst I have always liked fruit, since I have been pregnant I can't get enough... and when I eat it, it tastes so beautiful I wonder if I have ever tasted something so yummy in my life. Last night pineapple and cherries were my victims - and they quite possibly were t.h.e BEST tasting cherries and pineapple of my life (I'm not joking). Incidentally, my husband thinks I am mad - I am constantly chucking fruit in his mouth and making him verify how beautiful it tastes...
Milk - I have n.e.v.e.r been a milk drinker. When I was a kid my nanna used to have a milk glass for each of her grandchildren. I never had one cause I never drank milk (and yes, it has scared me)! It's not that I don't like milk, give it to me in coffee aNy day and I am a happy chappy, but I have never been one to drink a straight glass of it. Since I have been pregnant, I am constantly dreaming of tall icy glasses of milk (with a few drops of vanilla essence) - YUM!
These two changes I can cope with, in fact, I would be quite happy if they stuck around after the little critter was born (no disrespect intended, that's the name we/I have given to our little munchkin) - BUT - the next one can disappear as fast as it came...
I have always been a savoury girl - ALWAYS! I worked in a gourmet deli through High School and I am well and truly on the savoury side of the fence - except for now... from the minute I fell pregnant I have had a crazy sweet tooth. It is so weird for me cause I have never been one for chocolate.cake.sweets.desserts.lollies. Ok, well perhaps I have always had a soft spot for ice-cream... but now I can't get enough of the sweet stuff. I now understand when people say that they can't open a pack of biscuits without wanting to finish the entire thing in one go.
This for me is weird, super weird. Going from the girl who would always chose a bag of crisps over a piece of chocolate, I cannot understand how, being pregnant, can change your self of taste. I am constantly amazed by it, and am constantly hoping that I will revert to my normal savoury self! I am not looking forward to the gestational diabetes test - if ever there was a candidate, it was me!
Anyhow, I digress... the reason I started this rambling was to explain that my former, un-pregnant self, would never have though twice about this homemade nutella recipe - I would have admired the gift idea and moved on... but now, oh no, I am a changed woman. This nutella recipe has to be made (and consumed) asap. Doesn't it sound divine. I have no idea what cocoa nibs are, nor whether I can get them in Hong Kong, but I am determined to find out!
The worst thing of all, if I make it, I will have to eat it... ALL!
Photo and recipe via Bon Vivant

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