Friday, 4 December 2009

Camping out

Sorry I have been so slack with posting this past couple of days. To tell you the truth I have been a bit overwhelmed with the length of my to do list, and am feeling rather stressed. It doesn't help that I have had work related Christmas functions on the past couple of nights and am feeling a little run down.
In fact, I think I need to camp out in this tent for a few days (or even a few hours) and take stock of what's really important and stop trying to get a million things done each day.
I am looking forward to the weekend, where I can hopefully tick off some of the bigger items on my to do list and start clearing my head a little.

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Kathy said...

I am sorry you are so flat out... but glad I am not the only one who is feeling a little STRESSED to say the least! Take care Brooke, looking forward to seeing you both really soon:) I'll have the wine opener ready and waiting!