Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Eye Candy

Oh my, how gorgeous are these pics!

The lovely Candace over at A Pretty Trip recently introduced me to the Nostalgia Organics: Joyful Living Blog. The site is full of eye candy (like the pics above) and is somewhat of a sensory overload, if your anything like me and love gorgeous images of pretty things.

I am now completely smitten with both the Nostalgia range of products, and the blog itself.

Don't you just love the Christmas soaps - there is a little line to write the name of the person lucky enough to be receiving this wonderfully smelly gift. I popped straight onto the website and ordered a bunch of Chrissy presents! How easy.

Best of all, the soaps come wrapped in either paper (100% post consumer recycled paper) or limited edition vintage inspired fabric all designed by Elea herself! To make it even better (and to use Elea's words), "The label unfolds to a reusable craft or sewing pattern that can be used to repurpose (or “upcycle”) your soap sack into new and useful goods to cherish long after the soap is gone."

On her blog Elea talks about the inspiration behind this idea...

"I have a particular fondness for packaging that is reusable and can take on a new life after the product is gone. This ideology was passed along to me by my grandmother. She would reuse glass water bottles for flower vases or head a fun-filled potato sack race across the yard. She was thrifty and innovative with her hard-earned money and took great pride in wasting nothing.

Among the cherished pieces created by my grandmother, were patchwork quilts she handmade from scrap fabrics. Each patch was carefully linked together next to different colors and patterns. My grandmother collected many of these fabrics in her youth, when large decorated sacks full of flour and sugar were delivered to her parent's ranch home. The fabric sacks were repurposed into linens, dresses and toys that my grandmother and her sisters cherished and used until they fell apart. The remaining scraps were rich in memories and human touch and unfolded my grandmother’s childhood stories, lessons and dreams. My grandmother and these tiny scraps inspired my newest collection and fulfilled my objective to source packaging that is both green and purposeful.

Now what's not to like about that!

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theoldboathouse said...

They are just too lovely!!

Nostalgia Organics said...

Hello Brooke! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. And, love the sweet post. Thank you! Your blog is such a delight! Your goodies are on their way. Thanks again. Happy holidays. xoxo

A Pretty Trip said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! How great is Nostalgia Organics - so gorgeous!!