Monday, 10 May 2010

Another level

When a new shop opens in Hong Kong it is customary for friends, family & business acquaintances to send bouquets of flowers. Not just any bouquet - a massive one!!

This is not a new thing, so we are quite used to seeing them. However, the new shop we walked passed on Saturday took it to another level. As you can see in the pics, there were so many flowers that you couldn't even see the shop. I have no idea why this particular shop was so special or popular - but I am intrigued to find out. Perhaps someone famous owns it?

I want to open a new shop just to get the flowers:)

What did you get up to on the weekend? Did you have a lovely Mother's Day?

We had quite a jam packed weekend. Friday night I had a work function, followed by drinks with Em (who has incidentally finished her 4 month dream holiday), and a house de-warming party all in one night. Saturday I took CoCo up to the park with Michelle and her two boys, then headed out to Horizon Plaza (27 story industrial building housing all sorts of shops - and home to our butcher, Pacific Gourmet - num num), then our lovely friends Louise and Kristine popped over for dinner (burgers and these chips)!

Yesterday we did something very random and hired a car (!!), rallied together 4 of our friends, and had a lovely afternoon in the peak park. The dogs played all afternoon whilst we laid around relaxing. The weather was spectacular and we had such a nice afternoon. We popped in to see the Barretts new bub (more on that anon), and then drove out to Shek O for thai on the beach (just because we could - and because we had to fit as much as we could in whilst we had the car).

Sound like a jam packed weekend? It was, I can tell you! I love weekends like this, but then again I also crave weekends where we do nothing. Perhaps we will reserve next weekend for doing exactly that.

Have a lovely week!

PS. For those that are wondering, the shop is actually a Canadian food store (i.e. a store selling Canadian produce). Posted by Picasa

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