Sunday, 9 May 2010

Day 3

8 May 2010

The (secret) park at the Peak.

The things you find out when you become parents...parents of dogs that is! When Will and I got CoCo we were on the search for dog parks in Hong Kong. A friend told us about a park at the Peak, not the part of the Peak everyone knows, a secret place. You see, the Peak is not actually the peak - if you keep driving to the top (which is quite a way further up), you get to the actual peak of the mountain. That's where the park is!

We were absolutely blown away with how beautiful this place is! In terms of public spaces in Hong Kong, I'm afraid to say that the Hong Kong government usually gets it wrong. This park however, they have got absolutely right! It is wonderful - there are wide open spaces, meandering gardens, blooms galore, streams, park benches - in fact, everything you would expect to find in a park back home in Australia.

Given how special this place is, you would think it would be filled with people all of the time. Quite the contrary actually, the park is always quiet and peaceful which makes it extra special.

The other amazing thing about the park is that, unlike most places in Hong Kong, dogs are actually allowed here. In fact, it is a designated dog park!

Today, the very friend who told me about the park drove CoCo and I up there with her two doggies (also poodles) for a play. We had a lovely morning in the sunshine chatting and playing fetch with our furry friends. What a perfect way to start the weekend.

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Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds really lovely:)
That park looks like a dream! Your posts are very lovely:)
Have a great weekend:)