Wednesday, 5 May 2010

To show my appreciation...

for all the assistance the lovely receptionists at work give me throughout the year, I gave them each a little tin full of homemade cookies. I know, it's only a token gesture, but I wanted to give them something little and heartfelt to let them know that I do really appreciate their help.

I felt inspired to make cookies, and came up with the perfect idea of how to use the peppermint Haighs chocs that my lovely friend Louise bought back from Australia for me. I used a Nigella recipe as the base, and added the peppermint chocs (and a peppermint crisp - don't you love those!). Needless to say they were a little naughty (i.e. calorific), but they tasted so yum.

The girls were so surprised to receive the little treats, and I did notice a smile on their faces for the whole day following! Isn't giving such a wonderful thing. The feeling you get when you give is right up there in my books.
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Kathy said...

These are gorgeous, Brooke, I bet they loved them. Have a beautiful weekend.