Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I am a bad girl

Instead of working, I am sitting here at my desk dreaming about our upcoming trip to Paris and Spain (Barcelona, San Sebastian, Seville & Madrid). I can't stop thinking about it, and just wish I could fast forward the calender to 15 June NOW!

I really feel like I need a break, not a day off here and there, but a solid block of time to let my mind wander idly, without a thought of work or deadlines or 6 minute blocks of time. I want to be free to roam the streets and discover hidden treasures and spend time with hubby enjoying his company and our general banter about nothing and everything. I want to experience something new and exciting, something exotic and different, something fresh and inspiring - I am hoping for all these things on our trip. I don't think that will be too much trouble considering our destination...

Until then, I need to FOCUS! I have work to do, Will's 30th to organise, in-laws to visit, and loads of other stuff on my plate. 15 June feels so far away today, oh please hurry up and get here!

41 sleeps to go!

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