Thursday, 13 May 2010

Day 7

12 May 2010

My desk at work. Something a little bright today after the rather depressing post yesterday about the dog poisoner!

I like to start the work week with something bright and cheery on my desk. This usually involves me stopping in to visit the lovely flower stall in the markets on my walk to work. This week they had peonies, which they informed me where HUGE (at the time they were only teeny tiny buds).

I must confess I have had mixed success with peonies here in Hong Kong, despite them being my all time favourite flower. I often buy them with great anticipation of things to come, and then a couple of days later find the buds droopy and dead having not opened at all.

Anyway, I am an eternal optimist (especially when it comes to peonies), so I took the risk and bought some. I took them to work, trimmed them up and placed them on my desk. To my absolute delight, before the morning was over each of the buds had burst! One by one the little darlings opened up to reveal the most amazingly soft layers of pink. They are absolutely magnificent and have worked a charm in keeping a smile on my face this week. They smell good too!

NB: Upon complaining to my florist friends that I was having mixed success with their peonies, they let me in on a little secret. Because peonies are so tightly held in the bud, they sometimes need a little massaging in order to help them open. I know it sounds funny, and let me tell you people will think you are crazy if they catch you doing it (picture me at work lovingly massaging the little buds whilst singing a happy "open up" tune - people think I have finally lost my marbles). BUT, it works a treat so I don't care!

Happy hump day friends!
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Karen said...

Gorgeous, they're my faves too.