Monday, 2 November 2009

Bath time

I am happy to report that I survived the 'adventure' day - and whilst I am loathe to admit it, I actually quite enjoyed myself! After a day at the Food & Wine Festival on Saturday (OMG - it was crazy, our little stall was 4 rows deep in peeps waiting to try Ross' lurverly wine) and the 'adventure' day yesterday, we were well and truly pooped come Sunday night.

Aside from the oven and the balcony (which I have already mentioned), the other great thing about our new apartment is that we now have a bath! Squeal!!! And, it is the perfect size - not one of those tiny tubs that you have to sit cross legged in, which are very common in Honkers.

Sooooo, last night I drew myself a bath and soaked for a good hour! Then I took myself off to the couch and didn't last 10 mins before lights were out (and it was only 7.30pm)!!

Whilst I am extremely happy and content (for the time being anyhow) with my lovely bath, wouldn't you just love to be sitting in this bath! OMG - isn't it just delicious. I would be well and truly wrinkled by the time I emerged from this bathroom.

Image via Dransfield & Ross
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