Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Our new(ish) chair

I just HAD to share with you a pic of the newest edition to the Holden family, our new chair! I have always wanted a chair like this to brighten up our living room, so a few months back I bite the bullet in a moment of weakness and purchased this chair.

You see, I had been working quite hard and had had to fly to Guam for business, returning on a Saturday. It was a last minute trip, which consequently clashed with a number of important social events - a good friends 30th junk trip, and another good friends hens night. Arriving home on the Saturday, with all my friends out on the junk, I was feeling rather sad and sorry for myself and thought I deserved a pressie! I had been admiring this chair in the window of a shop on Queens Rd East for a few weeks, so popped down to see if I could negotiate a discount (and therefore make myself feel better about the rather rash splash of cash)! I was unsuccessful in my quest for a discount, but I did happen to strike a deal on the purchase of some fabric that I needed in order to re-cover our dining room chairs.

I walked out of the shop having bought this chair and oodles of fabric (the stripped pinkie one you can see in the pic) which I subsequently used to cover our dining room chairs.

Needless to say, Will was quite impressed with me and my spur of the moment purchase (NOT)!

A few months on, all has been forgiven, and I have to say that even Will has grown to love the chair - which I might add, is the comfiest seat in the house.
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Karen said...

It's pretty fab Brooke. I seriously considered a very similar patchwork sofa... but it wasn't quite as classy as your chair so it was rejected.

Look forward to seeing your recovered chairs. I have posted way too much about mine on my own rather domestic blog.

Brooke said...

Hey Karen, will post some pics of the chairs soon! I was rather impressed with the final results actually. Love your sofa and chairs - they look great! xox

A Pretty Trip said...

Oh my goodness - that chair is so cool. I've never seen one like it.