Thursday, 12 November 2009

Here's one for mum

My mum is completely addicted to pawpaw. I think she seriously believes that if she doesn't have pawpaw and yogurt for breakfast the world will stop. She is funny like that, and whilst the fact that she is a routine junkie can sometimes drive me crazy, it's also one of the things I love about her!

Anyway, we went hiking over on Lamma island a few weeks back and in one of the tiny villages just off the track we spotted this paw paw tree. I just had to stop and take a pic for mum.

I remember having a pawpaw tree in the backyard as a kid, and seeing my mums excitement when the tree produced just 1 piece of fruit. Imagine what she would have done had her tree produced fruit like this!!

Incidentally, I tried to ask the farmer what his secret was (it wasn't apparently obvious given that it was growing in between concrete boulders and rubbish), however my lack of Cantonese and his lack of English ensured that his secret was safe. Sorry mum!
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