Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's cold outside...

and I'm still not feeling 100%. All I want to do is curl up inside under my doona and rest.

I would of course have to have a cup of this gorgeous cocoa to keep me warm cause it's getting cold outside in Hong Kong now!

Image via It's Mary Ruffle
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Kathy said...

Hey Brooke,
Yummy piccy, can I have a cup too? Hope you are feeling much better soon, wish I could send you some of our Summer Sunshine!
Love Kathy

Brooke said...

Thanks Kathy - I will put the kettle on and make two cups shall I? One can always dream... Instead I am sitting at my desk at work dreaming about being in that gorgeous Qld sunshine. Hope there is some left for me at Christmas!!

A Pretty Trip said...

Feel better soon!