Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It's going to be a longgggggg day. I have Supplemental Witness Statements due today and then two (can you believe two!) farewell parties tonight, on a Wednesday night!!!!

Our dear friend Emma is leaving the daily grind of lawyering behind to go travelling around the globe for 6 months (half her luck!), and our other dear friend Damo is also leaving, although he won't be putting his lawyering pen down so fast. He is off to Singapore to start a challenging new role, which, being Damo, I am sure he will kill.

It's so sad to say goodbye to good friends. This is definitely one of the BAD things about living in HK - it's such a transient place and people are always coming and going:(

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Beach Vintage said...

Yes it must be hard to say goodbye to friends and colleagues. But great to have all the memories.