Monday, 9 November 2009

There's something about me you may not know...

I am a HUGE Jamie Oliver fan! I only really started cooking Jamie's recipes about 4 years ago now, but ever since I started I have been completely obsessed. Every recipe of his I have ever cooked has turned out fabulously, and they are really simple and easy to make!

I popped onto his website a couple of months ago (actually to sign up for a subscription to his new(ish) mag which I adore) and stumbled across a promo for his new book. Given my obsession, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a signed copy, and promptly whipped out the plastic to sign up! I have had it in my hot little hands for about a month now, but haven't managed to cook anything until this past weekend.

Stacey & Paul came for dinner on Saturday night which presented the perfect opportunity for a launch party. For starters we had Killer Mac 'n' Cheese (only a tiny portion though cause it's quite filling), then we feasted on Traybacked Chicken, and for dessert, Bread Pudding and Chocolate Beer Sauce. All went down a treat, especially the chicken and the pudding. The Mac 'n' Cheese was good, but probably not cheesy enough (I would suggest that you add an extra portion of tasty cheese to the recipe if you make this recipe).

I am now inspired to try more of his 'America' dishes, Friends, be warned!
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